Pray More

A recent post here on talked about influence.

When young horseman desire to be professional trainers, what do they do?

They go ride with professionals.

What do soon-to-be-CPA’s do? They intern with a large firm.

Essentially, they surround themselves with what they desire to become.

Our spirituality is no different. Only two choices exist. Be influenced by those around you, or influence those around you.

How can we be the best ‘influencers’ we can be?

By surrounding ourselves with what we desire to become.

Here’s something for the readers:

Here’s something for the listeners:
Gregg Matte: Yes, the Gregg Matte that started in College Station
Don’t Have iTunes: You can listen hear, too.

And one more thing. Prayer. Who better to surround ourselves with than our Heavenly Father? Do you pray on Sunday’s, every night, before every meal or is every day a prayer? If He is always on our mind, His wisdom will be our wisdom; His purpose will be our purpose.

Prayer will show you that we are called to use His power to accomplish our purpose. True freedom comes when you know you are called to do what can only be accomplished with divine intervention.

Try it. Cut off the T.V. Or turn away from the computer and pray. I’ve often been disappointed with the time I’ve wasted by watching a television program, or surfing the net, etc.

But I’ve never finished praying and thought, ‘Man, that was a waste of time’. Never.


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