Greed Begets Greed

I’m in San Diego working with an impressive group of guys on their horse software so there won’t be a long post today.

Here’s a great read indirectly related to the Texas Equine Incentive Bill:

An exodus of horses from the Bluegrass.

Kentucky has had an incentive fund in place for several years. And mare nomination fees are supplemented by taxes on stud fees. And yet, this article still exists. Owners are still wanting more. Now they are complaining about not obtaining a new system of incentives coming from slot machine revenues.

Beware Texas Horse Professionals.

By all means, utilize your new-found incentive program. BUT, do not depend on it. Do not be crippled by it. Run your businesses with integrity and efficiency. This should go without saying, but the real world just doesn’t operate that way. It should be the icing – not the cake.


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