Sacred Hearts

Jesus' Sacred Heart - Photo from Sanctasapienta.blogspot.comWell, the Little Fat Monsignor struck again. If you don’t know about the Little Fat Monsignor, read this post.

Anyway, today over at the church-house we celebrated the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Most of you know the drill – it’s the religious devotion to the physical heart of Jesus as the representation of divine love for humanity. If you want to learn more about it go to this Sacred Heart of Jesus page on Wikipedia.

– Jesus’ Compassion
– Jesus’ Unconditional Love
– Our Adoration of Jesus
– etc., etc. . …

I’m by no means discounting the Sacred Heart, but what hit me today was something different. It was the placement of the Preface Prayer that occurs at the very beginning of the mass. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is right in the middle of this huge book sandwiched between the Preface Prayer for the Annunciation (revelation to Mary by the angel Gabriel that she was to conceive Christ) and the Preface Prayer for Christ’s Triumph on the Cross.

That placement is BIG. The Little Fat Monsignor knows his stuff. No doubt.

So, everything between the announcement of Christ’s arrival to Mary and Christ’s death on the cross can be summed up by His Sacred Heart. It’s the representation of His life.

Our own hearts can be sacred as well since Christ lives within us. The question is:

What will the page between our birth announcement and our obituary have to say about our own heart?


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