Rein, Rain, Reign


Let him feel my calm confidence. OK, more face, Wimpy. Get your mind on your business. This is the big show. Let’s bring it in and get settled before the lope off. OK, we’re going to be headed left. Give me that hip and here we go. More speed guy, come on, I know it’s in there.

Nice, now come on back and slow down for me. Perfect. Whoa.

So far so good.

Now, let’s show them a little bit of what makes you, YOU. To the left first. Now, more speed . . . Awesome.

We’re going to be headed right now. Move that hip over a bit… aaaannndd, here we go.

There’s that speed a little quicker this time. Good job, let’s keep it under control though. Now, ease back down. Still going well. Whoa.

Whoa indeed. Little off to the left there Wimp. Let’s settle a bit.

OK, now to the right. Show me what you’ve got. Wow. That’s the stuff.

Now, let’s finish this thing. Here we go to the left first. Nice speed, hold that hip. And, to the right. Fantastic. Let’s get around here… hold that hip, and back to the left. Awesome.

Now for the close. Stay straight. Whoa. Nice, but I’m going to need you to stay in the ground more if you’re gonna win this thing. Let’s regroup and I’ll draw you in just a bit more… Now, Whoa. Better. Hittin’ a little in front now though.

Let’s get turned around and I’m going to let you have the reins a bit more again. Whoa.

Now THAT’s what they came to see. THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about. We’ll get a “THA! SCORE!” for sure with that. Good job Wimpy.


The gospel from Today’s Readings is probably a familiar one for most of you. Christ and His disciples are caught in a great storm. The disciples grow worried and wake Jesus from His nap. He rebukes the wind and sea and then turns to the weak faith of His followers.

This story is probably familiar to you for more than one reason. At least it is for me. We all have storms throughout our lives. Can’t pay the bills. A death in the family. Even a birth can be an unexpected storm for some families. And that’s just it.

It’s unexpected. We tend to think that the unexpected = a storm. Just like the disciples, if we think we’re out of control, we freak. This story is about trusting in Him and relinquishing control. Only then can we find our true purpose. And feel REAL control.

Trusting in Him transitions us from ‘Shawn’ in life to ‘Wimpy’. From using the reins to listening to them. And the rain, thunder and lightening is what gets us there.


Man, there’s alot of people here. This sure isn’t home. I guess this is my new home. The work area is a little smaller. But I guess this is cool.

Where are we going? This little alley is making me a tick nervous. Holy Moly! There’s alot more people in here. What’s that over there. Easy does it. I guess this guy knows what he’s doin’. OK, OK. I guess I’m going to get to work in here all by myself.

Well, this isn’t so bad. Dang, already. I guess it’s time to go. I’m going, I’m going. OK, I guess He likes this speed. I’ll keep it right here. Wow, slowing down already. OK, no problem I guess. You better make up your mind though.

Whoa. That caught me a little off guard, but I think I nailed it. Did I nail it?

Crap, to the left already. No problem. Check this out. AAaaannnndd …. Done.

That should earn me a little brea… Nope, OK. Here we go. You ready for this.

Slow down again. Come on. OH, dang. wasn’t thinking we were gonna stop there but, OK.

To the right, no problem. Check it.

That’s right. Can you even ride that spin at that speed? I freakin’ nailed that spin. Didn’t I?

Off we go again?!?!

That wasn’t good enough? That’s cool. Let’s go then.

Oh, man, I feel a run down comin’ on. Yes! Here we go…

And, Whooooooaaaaaaaaa. Damn, that was good. Is this over yet? No? OK, fine I came out a little at the end, but I’m pretty sure it was pretty darn good. Whelp, here we go again.

And Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. …. Crap, that just didn’t feel right. Let me try it one more time. I’ve got it now. This new place just isn’t the same as home, but I’m ready now.

Yes! One more time. Whhoooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. SUH-WEET! That’s how we do it. OK, OK. I’m backing. Man, I’ve done, like, every single thing you’ve ever shown me. When will this end? That may be everything I’ve got. Phew. I need a breather.

What’s that sound? Oh, yea. There’s all those people again. And they’re right. I am great. Truly I am. Thanks everybody.

The first part of this post is a silly interpretation of what was possibly going through the head of Shawn Flarida as he was showing Wimpy’s Little Step in the 2002 NRHA Reining Futurity. Everything revolves around what Shawn has to do next to be successful. Shawn’s next set up. Shawn’s next move. Shawn’s plan.

The second part of this post is an equally silly representation of what may have been going through the three-year-old Wimpy’s Little Step’s mind at the same show. In this case everything just revolves around the moment. Although sometimes curious, the unfailing trust and drive to accomplish whatever was asked next existed at all times.

Well, I can guarantee you that there were storms between the day Wimpy was born and the day he performed for Shawn at the Futurity.

And it’s the same with us. We have to weather those storms. Trust in our Most Holy Trainer. And anticipate the day that He asks us to perform just beyond our current abilities. If we’ll just listen to the reins instead of insisting on directing them, He can show us how to perform.

To show ALL just how GREAT we really are.

Further Reading:
Wimpy’s Little Step You can here, “THA! SCORE! at the end of this video on Wimpy’s homepage.
Shawn Flarida Shawn Flarida’s Web site.


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