Perfect Fit Thursday

Activity on Thursday morning started a little later this past week since my lovely bride was going to the ranch with me and my brother was celebrating his birthday that afternoon. We loaded up and headed south that morning and stopped through Jourdanton on the way to get some Sutton Super Novas. Those are heel ropes and John (my brother) and I just happen to use the same kind and lay of heel ropes. I picked up several so I could give him one for his birthday. Yes, I got his gift the day of the party. So sue me.

Anyway, what does a birthday have to do with less Thursday activity?

Well, the ranchers know these things, but it’s hard for most other folks to understand the scheduling habits of ranchers. It’s also just as hard for ranchers to understand the scheduling habits of everybody else. Ranchers schedule jobs, or projects, and everybody else schedules hours, or days. When you have a yearling run off, or a windmill breakdown, or a fence down, or… the list goes on forever, the five o’clock whistle means exactly jack squat. On the other hand, most other folks schedule their hours. If you have a business meeting with someone at 3:30pm and you’re busy completing a job, well it may the last job you get to complete.

Well, if J.M. scheduled some cattle work on Thursday afternoon, it would very likely be completed by 5:30pm. That was when the party was scheduled to start. However, it was also fairly likely that we wouldn’t be back by then. Cattle sometimes decide to have plans other than the ones we decide upon. Don’t get me wrong, they’re going wherever we want them to go (most of the time 😉 ) but it may take 30 minutes or it may take 5 hours.

So, when important family events are scheduled, we don’t even bother. The day was filled with riding horses anyway, since we had a horse buyer coming the next day. We probably had twenty or so caught up that we thought may fit.

Twenty!? Well, yea there were about twenty. No they would not all be shown to the buyer. We get up the ones we think will fit the buyer’s needs and then we ride them to get a better feel for where they are. The ones that fit what we feel like the buyer is looking for get to be caught up the next day and tried by the buyer. When you’re picking up a horse, the most important thing is fit. You can have a great rider and a great horse, but if the fit is wrong, it will not work.

The same type of thing happened to me when I was looking for my brother’s birthday gift. I was all over Bexar county looking for a dealer that carried Suttons. I found a couple and swung about fifteen to twenty ropes. I almost talked myself into buying one, but it just wasn’t quite right. And ropes aren’t cheap these days. After visiting with a friend of mine, I discovered that Suttons factory was only about twenty minutes from my house. Eureka!

That’s why Tonni and I decided to leave a little later. We waited for Sutton’s to open and then we stopped through on the way down to the ranch. I stepped in the plant and there was a rack of maybe a thousand ropes. I told Gary Sutton what I was looking for and he grabbed one off the rack and yanked the ties off of it. I took a couple of swings.

That was it. That was the rope. I knew in an instant. There were hundreds other ropes in there that were good ropes. But this one fit me. And John uses the same one as well. So, like I said, i bought several and headed out.

I think our spiritual lives are just like this. Some folks go to church every day. Some never go to church. I am in no way condoning not going to church. But, you have to consider the prayer life of others before you go criticizing their lifestyle. Ranchers sometimes criticize the planning efforts of others when the fact is, they could benefit from a better scheduling routine. Many people think ranchers just don’t plan anything and do whatever they want when they want. The fact is, they could learn from the way ranchers pay attention to the world around them and take care of issues as they come up. Then work diligently until the job is done.

What it all boils down to is what fits for you. Do you schedule prayer time? Do you pray as needed? Do you think there may be reason for both?

Do you look for how Christ is working in others’ lives? How do you fit in there?

Do you look for Christ in your own life? Where does He fit?


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