The Contradiction: preface to War Horse

Horses are spiritual animals. Take a child to see a running horse for the first time and I guarantee you that the reaction will be quite a bit different from their first cow siting, or chicken, or anything. One of my favorite quotes is if God made anything better than the horse, He kept it for Himself.

The obvious reality is that they are just a little bit different.

Well, the Perfect Fit Thursday lead me to revisit my thoughts about the spirituality of the horse. I’m alone often. Very often. So I think about this quite a bit. I call it The Contradiction.

Merriam-Webster states that to contradict is to assert a fact or condition incompatible with another, or to assert the opposite of.

The horse is the largest, most powerful and influential… fragile, meek and influenced animal on the planet.

Reflecting more on this contradiction found me making myriad analogies relating the horse to spiritual life. Initially, feeding the horse was the starting point of the analogy between horse and prayer. But then, Perfect Fit Thursday came along and reminded me that you have to find the right horse in the first place – not just any horse.

Continuing this retrospective walk found myself finding an even earlier starting point. The realization that you need a horse in the first place. Not want a horse – NEED. Most people don’t. Who does?

Well, to find the right fit for sharing these ideas we’re gonna wind it back. WAY back. Horses were first used in warfare over 5000 years ago. But, they were primarily used for communication and wagon pulling. A Greek cavalry officer, Xenephon, was the first known military officer to use them in battle. He even wrote one of the earliest treatises on horsemanship. But, the best known application for horses in warfare started in the 7th and 8th centuries in Europe. This period saw the rise of horses being used by the heavy cavalry warrior also known as the armored knight.

That’s the image we’ll use for our war horse. See, we’re engulfed in spiritual warfare all day every day. We need a way to handle it, navigate it, conquer it.

We need a war horse.

The Contradiction is something I often contemplate. I have a very hard time explaining it vocally. However, writing is something I enjoy and the horse analogy will hopefully help you wrap your head around some of the ideas I will share in this upcoming series. (Although, I don’t have my head wrapped all the way around most of the ideas 😉 ) But that’s just it, it’s a journey. No one has it all figured out. We’ll kick it off with the next post called – The Realization. Your feedback is both welcomed and appreciated. Hopefully, we can all learn something from one another. So until next time, start thinking about what you’re war horse will be like. Adios – James


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