Good Intention Pavement

Humility is important. Any time Our Lord gives you a chance to realize you’re not as wonderful as you think you are, be thankful.

This picture is of a group of soldiers serving in Afghanistan. They have just received a care package from Texas. Actually, it’s from yours truly. And my wife of course. Well, this picture, along with a very appreciative email from Stoney leads me to several conclusions.

  1. Chips may stand the heat in the desert, but they won’t handle being shipped 7,967 miles to Afghanistan.
  2. Velveeta. That’s really all I need to say. Seriously!?!?! We sent Velveeta to Afghanistan? Yep, and it doesn’t ship well my friends.
  3. Military personnel are too quick and generous with their appreciation. 😉

Also, a close family friend of ours, whom I’ll allow the opportunity to save face, was recently, um…. misguided by Ranch Ethics Thursday. Like I said, he is a very close family friend, so I’m not going to miss the opportunity to rib him a little.

Recently, a stray bull found himself at home on this individual’s property. Now, I don’t want you guessing who this is too easily. But, here’s a hint – the town rhymes with Seguin. Texas. 😉

Anyway, in an effort to keep this short, the cattle got penned. The bull was sorted off. This gentleman is no stranger to cattle. Or horses. However, this bull just wasn’t taking the chute as intended. So in true matador fashion, our friend went at him a little harder.

And was subsequently power-housed.

Mauled. And pulverized like Chef Emeril Lagasse’s mojito mint leaves until he was unconscious. ( the only reason this is being shared now is because we know he is OK – no injuries )

The intention to return a bull to his neighbor, ended in the hospital. But, hey the wrecks keep us young right? I wish I could say I have never done something like that.

The old proverb is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Neither of these stories are exactly “road to hell” material. Not even close.

But, it would probably be easier to stay on track if we pulled our heads out once in a while. 😉


One thought on “Good Intention Pavement

  1. Oh, Dad…I’m so thankful he’s ok. Update on the bull: he went to auction the next day.
    Thanks, James and Tonni for sending my hub the care package. Julio’s are our favorite…I know Stoney will take them any way he can get them (whole, broken, or even pulverized). 😉

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