Laptop Recommendations

Toughbook in the mud. Photo from laptop recommendations are specifically being made for rodeo bums, horse show snobs, horse barn managers, cattle ranchers, and most specifically… horse insurance professionals.

A good friend of mine and agent for BrooksMaberry Equine Insurance is looking for a laptop. He travels quite a bit with his job and also rodeos as often as he can. In other words, he will treat his laptop about like I treat mine. Terribly.

Really. Really Bad.

Anyway, Panasonic makes the best rugged laptop there is. But, you get what you pay for. They’re high. The Panasonic Toughbook F8 is a semi-rugged laptop that is a little more economical.

Lenovo, who purchased the IBM Thinkpad line, makes the best mainstream laptop suited for the habits of the rodeo bum, surfer dude, horse training, construction working type. It’s build quality is unsurpassed in the market. I’m typing this on a Thinkpad T42 that I bought at least two or three years ago.

In computer years, that’s almost 529 years old. 😉

So, buy a Dell if you’d like guys, but the laptops below are the best lickin’ takers that will keep on tickin’.

Toughbook 30
This is simply the best of the best. Almost indestructible. And great specs.

Toughbook F8
The F8 is still pretty tough, but you won’t be running over it in the truck or letting any horses step on it. Spill resistant keyboard, but don’t try hosing this baby down.

Lenovo T400
The Thinkpad line has the best mass market laptop build quality available. It’s not in the class of the laptops above regarding drops and spills, but it’s ability to handle the dust and daily abuse of the backseat of a pickup truck are far and beyond any Dell Inspiron or HP laptop you can buy – And for the same price. This is a great laptop.

Well, I shouldn’t have done this. Now, I want to go buy me a new laptop. 😉 I don’t think I can wait until my Thinkpad gives out.


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