Why did you get married?

The sparkle had barely begun to be noticed as Our Lord painted the sky in celebration of another perfect day. And as it ended something else begun.

They were holding hands and looking toward the pastor as he spoke. Neither, however, were focused on the message but on the new adventure they were embarking on this evening. But as the pastor spoke, many began to reflect upon their own relationships – including the two being married I’m sure.

He shared applicable scripture. He shared wonderful anecdotes. And then he closed.

I visited with countless couples regarding why they get married. I’m sure you have a great reason for why you got married. Maybe you couldn’t put your finger on just one reason. Well, God has a plan for you. And I’ll tell you why you married her.

Because you’ve gone as far as you can go without her.


2 thoughts on “Why did you get married?

  1. Happy Late Anniversary! I hope you guys had a wonderful day. I am also glad to hear you made it back safe and sound from your trip. Let’s talk soon or better yet pick a day together. I would be willing to drive to San Antonio if it involves some time with you and Tonni!

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