Comedic Relief Thursday

This is the most water Bee County has seen in months – maybe a year.

Hauling water is usually not anything to get worked up about. We are used to the wind stopping and some of the wells breaking during this part of the year. In fact, we’ve got a water trailer designed specifically for the task. But, here’s the rub – my uncles have been hauling water for several months now and Dad has started recently as well. Half of the day is wasted on hard work and you get finished and realize you’ve done nothing.

Actually, you’ve kept the animals alive, but as far as getting things accomplished, you’ve done nothing. It’s frustrating work.

As you’ve probably deduced by now, Thursday we hauled water. And fixed troughs. That’s Morgan in the picture and for you wise guys out there, we had already done part of the job together and he told me that there was no use in us both getting soaked this second time. So I’m not just hanging out annoying him with camera clicks while he sweats it out in 104 degree weather fixing a water trough. Well, I am, but he told me not to wade in. And hey, I just got a super sweet new rugged camera so what was I gonna do? 🙂

This kind of monotonous work reminds me of how important it is to keep things light hearted. Enter Mick and Dick. They weren’t with us on the water trip, but I can promise you that most of their water trips are fun. Fun!?!? Yep. They have to be or you’ll go crazy. The trip to town for lunch was vintage Mick and Dick. My cousin, Kelley, met Matthew McConaughey at the river a little while back.

Here is Kelley checking out Mick’s new phone. He’s probably about to show Kelley Mathew’s phone number. Then, he’ll probably call me – and I’m sitting right there. He does it to me all of the time. It’s aggravating… and hilarious. Anyway, Mick and Dick said they already new McConaughey. And Kid Rock. The funny part about it is that they feed off of one another and if you didn’t know them (and in some cases even if you did 😉 ) you’d swear on your life that they did know McConaughey and Kid Rock… Very Well.

Well they don’t, but it sure is fun learning about the stars through the fantastically detailed fabrications of Mick and Dick O’Brien.

The fun didn’t stop there. Poor Kelley. He’s really becoming an asset down there and so we have to give him a hard time. Well, we would anyway, but it’s fun knowing that he’s becoming a good worker. Anyway, he’s dating (oh sorry, “talking to” according to Kelley) a young lady by the name of Kate.

So, naturally we heard the quick-to-be-sung and surprisingly good rendition of the chorus of Ian Tyson’s Navajo Rug over and over again from a very fulfilled Mick and Dick. They sing surprisingly well and the moments they choose to launch into song is always timed perfectly. Here’s the song in case you need to hear the chorus line to know what’s going on.

Here’s Navajo Rug if you want to hear it:
Navajo Rug

The day winded down early for me since I was tasked with delivering a mare to Boerne that evening. I got loaded up and headed north around 3:30pm.

Ranch work is always difficult and often frustrating. And like my MANY long drives, it’s lonely. But, as long as there’s a random thought about how Mick and Dick sold a horse to Kid Rock’s cousin in Sacramento, or how Eye Yih Yih, Katy sounds being sung from two twins in South Texas just as Kelley was about to try and tell a story… Everything else seems a little bit better.

Here’s to making fun of the mess in life. You may as well smile, ’cause it can always be worse.


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