The Times

Not even three weeks ago Bee County was right in the middle of one of the worst droughts in history. Not recent history. History. Period.

Comparisons were made to the drought of the 50’s and there was even some video covering the situation that appeared on CNN. Now, I’m not saying we’re out of it yet, because we’re not yet. But, things are definitely changing.

Last Thursday we just turned cattle out. We shaped up a set of heifers at the main pens and then turned them out. We penned a set of bulls and cut one old shipper out of the group and then turned them out, too. Mick and Dick eased down to the arena and turned the roping cattle out. That picture above is of them letting the dogs work the roping steers a little before heading back to the ranch. It’s wet. J.M. even decided to turn out some cattle he had trapped that were supposed to have gotten worked that afternoon. It’s real wet. 😉

Watching it rain is something that truly moves me – the sound, the smell, the knowledge of what it does for the country I love… and that I’m certain loves me. It’s unexplainable.

And then we watched the grass grow. Really, you could almost watch it grow. It’s always been said that South Texas country is strong country. It comes back fast after a dry spell. And the folks who live down there have had plenty of dry spells to know what the country does after getting a little drink. It’s fascinating.


Dirt is what this post has to do with “The Times”. There are a couple of things that have come to me lately for various reasons:

  1. There are no good times.
  2. There are no bad times.

There are just times.

I always thought of this verse – Genesis 3:19 …for dust you are and to dust you will return. – as a command meant to keep you grounded. (no pun intended) However, remembering that we are dust has recently brought encouragement.

During droughts, the dirt just waits. There’s no complaining about the lack of water, seeds, nitrogen, etc. There’s no wishing it were sand in Tahiti instead of dirt in Bee County. Dirt waits. It does it’s job of providing a floor for the world. And it waits.

And then it rains. There’s absolutely no time wasted. Dirt produces like it’s never had a chance to produce before. It gives it everything it’s got. Weeds? Yep get to growing. Grass? Yep. You, too, get to growing. There’s no complaining about growing corn instead of wheat. Or pineapples. Or, whatever. Our creator delivers us exactly what we need – when we need it.

So don’t think of the bad times as bad times. You know what? You need those times to become the person you need to be tomorrow, or next year. And it works both ways. Don’t think of the good times as good times. You simply need those times to become the person you need to be tomorrow, or next year, as well.

It’s hard to wait. It’s hard to understand that a “bad time” purpose may be just as important as a “good time” purpose. That’s why it’s important to embrace the times. Period. Because guess what? More droughts are coming. And more rain.


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