Food For Thought

St. Vitus Cathedral - Photo by Marcin Szala
Today marked what the Catholic church calls the Solemnity of All Saints. Most folks just call it All Saints Day. Basically, it’s the celebration in honor of all the saints, both known and unknown.

This begs the question, “Who are saints?”

Fr. Ed retold a story today that includes the best answer I’ve ever heard. And it was from a second grader.

For out of the mouth of babes, comes food for thought…

It was a small town. Maybe 2AA or 3AAA for you football fans. 😉 But, in the town sat a hundred year old church. The church wasn’t enormous by any means, but it was very ornate. Each window was constructed of beautiful stained glass that formed the depiction of a saint. Saint Paul, for instance, and many others, for the name of the church was All Saints Church. And when the sun came through those windows it was simply amazing.

Well, weekly classes were held there to teach children about Christianity and on this day it was the second grade class. The teacher was asking the class about the saints. She started by asking them who the saints were. After a brief silence, one of the girls raised her little hand.

“Saints are the people that the light shines through,” she said.

Indeed they are.


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