Comedy Relief Thursday… Again

The very nature of the way the O’Brien Ranch operates has me worried that every Thursday may end up earning the title of Comedy Relief Thursday. 😉 This morning we unloaded another hay truck. The work is hard. The days are long. But, even in the midst of our efforts, the wise cracks and pranks keep the work tolerable and our minds sane.

And, when we’re not working… We play hard. If you have ever been to a basketball game at the ranch, you are aware of our competitive nature. If you have ever been in a basketball game at the ranch, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 😉

Well, the play doesn’t stop at the ranch. Every so often we have to go to town to get feed, drop a truck off at the shop, meet horse buyers for lunch, etc. Thursday we had to run in and get some corrugated tubing that went on the end of the auger that dispenses oats from J.M.’s new 8 ton feed bin. We happened to stop at HEB and grab some soda waters.

This is where it gets interesting. Even when I was very young, I can remember Mick and Dick throwing the footballs in Wal-Mart or giving a cashier a hard time (jokingly) at a quick-stop, or at the feed-store.

Always lighthearted.

Always fun.

Well, Dick has found a new hobby. Every time he heads into HEB, he fires up the cart-mounted-scooters that HEB provides for people, that … hmmmm. Well, for people that are NOT like Dick. 😉 But, that doesn’t stop him from taking a quick spin.

Thursday I managed to catch the very end of his session. Here’s the proof:

Let your hair down. Enjoy life. You’ll be glad you did.


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