Careful Where You Lay

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… And one day it just quit eating.

A young woman had grown up with a pet snake. Strange pet, but she liked him.

She did everything you’re supposed to do for pet snakes. It continued to grow and was as healthy as any boa could be. She let it out sometimes, too. She played with him just like you would your dog. OK, maybe more like you would with a turtle, or something. 😉

Anyway, she finally quit putting it up at night. She enjoyed the company and just got used to the boa being around all the time. It even slept with her if you can imagine that.

One day she noticed it didn’t eat. The next day was the same thing. Finally, she took her pet to the veterinarian and told him what was going on.

“Has anything changed in the last week or so?” asked the Doc.

“No, not really. I still get the mice from the same place. Feeding times are consistent. Nothing has really changed.”

“What about activity?” He asked.

“No, I leave him out longer now, but not much else,” she said.

No diagnosis was made and the girl left. After another week of this strange behavior she goes back to the vet and it’s almost the same drill.

“Has anything changed?” he asked again.

“Nope. Nothing Doc.” she replied. He still does everything the same. He even snuggles with me at night like a dog would. He stretches out and lays right down my back.”

“Wait, you let him in your bed?” asked the vet.

“Yea, but he’s so sweet, ” she said.

“He’s not snuggling with you….

He’s measuring you.”

He then paused for effect… “He’s been starving himself for weeks until he is confident he can finish you – as a meal.”

Now, isn’t that about right. You put time, effort, money and care into something and all it wants to do is have you for supper. Today’s Readings reminded me of this story because Fr. Ed kept referring to the faithful remnants. It made me thing about those people who truly do evil and those that do good and AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL those other people who just live on the fence.

The only difference between us fence dwellers that do good and those that do bad is “who we go to bed with”. Don’t waste your time. Invest in those who will also produce fruit, not turn around and eat yours.


2 thoughts on “Careful Where You Lay

    1. Sorry about that SpottedTApps. 😉 It’s usually God and horses around here, but I had recently heard that story and it really struck a chord with me regarding wasting your time on stuff that’s just going to come back to bite you in the a$$ anyway. Know what I mean?

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