Thou SHALL Want

Think about your situation in life. Where do you exist right now? Our Lord has guided you there for a reason. Guided is much more suiting than lead because most of us have our own plans, our own ideas, our own way. And they sometimes don’t include Christ’s counsel. You can shove a horse to water… is a great post that drives home the message of looking for Christ in your life so I won’t dwell on that here.

So, what will we dwell on then? 😉

The intense desire to act upon those things Our Lord puts in our hearts

That’s what we’ll dwell on. Guys, I’m not talking about that feeling you get when some busty, scantily clad young vixen walks by. Gals, I’m not talking about that feeling you get when you get plenty of cat calls from the guys you just walked by. Or that feeling you get when you walk into that store.

There are whispers that only you hear. There are ‘gut feelings’ you get. There are passions you are blessed with. Whatever you want to call them, there are things that Our Lord has blessed us with on which we are duty bound to act. The key is to distinguish those that are simply temptations from those that are imperative for your personal growth as a spiritual person.

Once you agree to submit and be lead, ( here’s that post again in case you have not read it ) there’s only one thing left to do.

Go absolutely crazy.

Well, you’ll know you aren’t crazy, but most of your friends will think so… and all of your family. 😉

There are some wonderful women in my life. There’s no way for me to list them all, but for this post, I want to focus on three. They are intelligent, bold, driven… and they are brilliantly spiritual.

Of course, I’ll start with my wife. Not because she’s my wife, (OK, maybe because she’s my wife 😉 ) but also because she’s absolutely crazy in love with one of the things Christ placed in her heart. Jewelry. Ya’ll thought I was going to say horses didn’t you. Well she is crazy in love with that passion as well, but that’s another post.

Tonni has reworked more than twenty designs with eight manufacturers in four countries over the course of five years in order to develop the two belts you see above. Crazy right? Her drive comes from the heart, or she would never have been able to get this far.

And then there’s Alicia. Passion is a gross understatement regarding this woman. Her passion for horses are right there with Tonni’s. I don’t dare state that one is more passionate than the other because this would then be my last post. 😉

Alicia made two round trips to Ohio in an effort to prepare herself and her horse to be the very best. She trained extensively everyday for a year preparing for one competition. Intense would be a horrendous attempt at describing the 4 minutes she had to harvest fruit from all that effort.

And she did.

I wish I had a picture of Jean Piper. She’s a timeless brunette whose personality as well as her appearance commands attention when she enters a room. Although, her humility shuns the attention at every turn.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, since I have no way of actually describing this individual without one. So, I’l move on.

Jean is preparing for the very event that Alicia prepared for. The National Reining Horse Association’s Rookie of the Year. Her drive, passion and effort comes from the same place as Alicia’s. Her heart. And when she wins, we’ll be there to congratulate her.

To pour one’s entire being into something is the best way to be close to God. These women are active Christians, devoted wives and accomplished business women. And they still embrace that voice that whispers to them. That voice that lets them know they are great. And they take action.

Look within. You love something. Find it. Seek it out. WANT it. Pour your whole self into it…

And you will see Him.


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