Today’s readings reminded me of one VERY important thing.

This is amazing.

What’s amazing? Everything. Really, a child’s smile, a blooming flower… even a friend. To me, though, it’s horses. Every time I throw my leg over one, I’m amazed. They speak with their bodies and listen with their hearts. If only we could be as noble. They are the most powerful, yet fragile, creatures alive.

But maybe I’m easily amazed. I’m sure many of you have already seen this video, but it fits in well with this post. So, here it is:

I pray that our eyes may be opened to the wonders of God’s creation… The mystery of life, and of redemption. Help us all to appreciate the smallest of miracles. A good rain, a first ride, green grass or the kiss of sunshine. Bless you all this Christmas Season.

Be Amazed!


2 thoughts on “Behold!

  1. my God! that was amazing!
    I train horses for a living and I could never imagine having a relationship with a horse like this. that was truly brilliant. I dont even have this with my own beloved horse, Yankee.
    Love this vid

    1. isn’t that amazing?!? we’re going to the reining futurity today for the weekend. i doubt that the freestyle will have anything close to this, but you never know… thanks for stopping by checkmark115. have fun getting yankee like that horse in the video 😉

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