Thought about becoming a priest lately?


Um… Not really, No.

Well, an interesting bit of trivia has come to my attention today. Catholic church leaders actually hold the office of Presbyter. The use of the word priest for Christian ministers appears to have arisen only at the end of the second century, at first for bishops only; but by the time of Saint Cyprian, in the mid-third century, it was applied to presbyters also.

Evidently, they are simply known as priests because they do what priests should do. They teach and provide guidance. For we are all called to be priest, prophet and shepherd.

So, always find the good in life and share it with others.

It’s that sharing part that’s difficult isn’t it? Will they think I’m a nut-job? Will they laugh? Will they even care?

That’s evil whispering in your ears. Trust me, you’ll be a breath of fresh air to all those around you. So, open up. Share.

That’s what priests do. 😉


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