All In . . .

He’s just staring, seemingly at nothing. He stares toward his cards but they’re face down. What’s he looking at? There’s a nothingness in his eyes. He looks up slowly. Still displaying a there’s-nobody-home-look on his face. Then, he reaches up with both hands and methodically pushes all of his money to the center. He’s all in.

And still nothing.

This could go either way. Unless you have a serious problem (you might want to check here 😉 ) you know that even with pocket aces, you have a very good chance of losing everything.

“Yea, well I don’t ever do that,” you might say. Or, “People who take that much risk are foolish, ” may sound a little closer to home.

Well, with cards, you may be right. But life is different. Character is built on the cornerstone of faith. And faith puts you all in. The definition lets you know that you’re trusting in something you don’t see, can’t measure and may never truly understand. Ever.

Simon and Peter walked away from their careers. James and John stood up, bid farewell to their own father and poof… they were all in. What if Jesus Christ had not turned out to be Our Lord and Savior?

That’s how society thinks today – “How stupid will I look if this doesn’t go like I expect.”

Well, what would the world look like if they hadn’t left everything they knew to follow Christ?

Take a chance every now and then to go all in. It’s bad for your nerves and grey hair, but it’s good for your soul. 😉

And you’re not all in if there’s a bail out plan. If you know that the only way out of the flames is to succeed, Then you’re all in. Enjoy the adventure.


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