Who’s Watching

Their seats were probably the best in the house because they aren’t big on showing up late, ever. They aren’t big tiedown fans, but had heard that with the list of World Champions and NFR Qualifiers that were coming this was going to be a who’s who. Plus, they knew the producers of the event. So, they loaded up and headed for Hondo.

Well, it didn’t take long and the roping was in full swing. They were having fun, but she was taking everything in around them. And that’s when she saw them. Not too far from her and her husband, she thought she recognized one of them, but she wasn’t sure which one it was.

Like a child who knew for sure what hand it’s in, she wanted to run over there with a big smile on her face, point and say, ” You’re Mick or Dick aren’t you. You’re them. Well, one of them. I know it. I saw you riding a scooter at HEB! … or your brother. ” πŸ˜‰

My uncles are famous. πŸ˜‰ They are being recognized in public. Sorry, Mick and Dick. I should re-title this Web site – “Los Cuates Famosos” It seems that people enjoy the Thursday Stories more than anything else and to be perfectly honest, they probably get more out of them spiritually as well.

See, life comes at us hard. And it’s difficult to keep Christ at the forefront of our minds, our words, and hearts when we keep our spiritual life separated from our daily activity. The spiritual posts here on Spiritual Horseman probably get filed away under “prayer life”… if they get read at all. But, the Thursday Stories get filed under “daily activity”. They’re fun, but they’re unique. Blessed with starring lineups like my twin uncles, dad and grandfather who bust their asses everyday to make their part of the world better. I can’t ask for a better example to look to and so I’m going to try to share more of it with you – the readers of Spiritual Horseman.

So, you never know who is paying attention to you. Maybe readers, maybe fans, maybe your son, your nephew, or your grandson. Maybe there is only one who is watching you. But there is always one. So, plunge headlong into each day knowing that God is with you. And the rest…

They’ll enjoy what they see.

Some Background:

My wife and I recently produced an event – The Namgis Premier. It was a Tiedown Calf Roping and all of the proceeds were donated to MS research and patient care. Well, this short story happened at the event. A friend of ours spotted Mick and/or Dick and wanted to meet them. She did not recount this story until after the event, so we had know way of making the introduction. But, she did say that, “He was smiling, with this mischievous look on his face.”

Yep… that’s them. πŸ˜‰

Mick, Dick and Morgan – sorry if you get spotted in public and end up having a thirty minute conversation about a horse that kicked you, a cow that hooked you, or a scooter that you backed into the wall. πŸ˜‰

You never know who’s watching…

JM, Morgan, Dick and Mick in the Paul Mobley book, American Farmer


2 thoughts on “Who’s Watching

  1. I love this picture…what 4 truly remarkable men! But I know you already know this. I have enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing.

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