It’s Living.

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It ain’t dying I’m talkin’ about… it’s livin.
~ Texas Ranger Augustus McCrae in the movie Lonesome Dove

If some random person burst through your door right now and demanded that you get on your knees and renounce your faith in Christ or else they’d end your life that very second, what would you do?

Most people don’t have any problem with this hypothetical situation.

“Bring it on.” they’d say. “I know where I’m going.”

You’re right. To die for Christ… Wow. What an honor. If we could all be so lucky.

But here’s another scenario:
Wake up tomorrow. Pull on your boots. Grab your hat. And head down to that team roping you wanted to go to and be an image of Christ there. Amongst your friends, your enemies, those you respect and those you don’t. That’s the hard part.

Dying for Christ is easy. Living for Christ… that’s the hard part.

There are many of you reading this that don’t even know what team roping means, much less what it actually involves. Just know this – For a sport that involves two men, two horses, one roping steer and one stop watch, there are at least 2,897,678,249 excuses that can be used when a team does not win. 😉

Except the real champions. Ropers who represent the sport well and are at the top of their game, usually have no excuses. They don’t believe in the victim mentality.

Every life is full of variables and, yes, MANY things can (and will) go wrong. So seek your purpose. Live life to the full. Be one of the champions. Because Christ removed all of the excuses.

He died for us.

So that we could Live For Him.

I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Steve Friskup’s message during the church service for the Ranch Gelding entries last year on Shoving a Horse to Water. If you’ve not read it, click this link and go read it right now.

This message was also shared by Mr. Friskup. Thanks, Steve, for sharing the Word with us when we don’t have a chance to get to the church house.


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