Quiet Celebration

Ranch Rodeo photo courrtesy of the slideshow at MySanAntonio.com

When to the night we retire without thought
of arena layouts, sponsor concerns and pleas,
our 13 strong reflect on the battle fought
and peace comes to all the minds at ease.

The journey moves us further down our path
reflecting on accomplishments we’ve made.
Though each one insignificant won’t last,
together become a message that is staid.

Fleeting will be cowboys in orange dancing
and broncs being covered by the dust.
Even back flips are just about enhancing
the fact that education is a must.

So celebrate your passion and conviction.
For yours are rare these days my friends.
Prepare yourselves for the 2011 rendition
when we’ll irrationally choose to do it all again. 😉

Being a part of the South Texas Ranch Rodeo Finals has been an adventure to say the least. Yes, there are difficult situations that arise, but it wouldn’t be interesting if they didn’t. I spoke to many people who think that events like the one we just wrapped just happen. Others that want to see changes, but don’t want to actually do anything. Rarely, and I do mean very rarely someone appreciates what it is that this group does.

So, on behalf of all ranchers in South Texas, I would like to thank the men who produce the Ranch Rodeo Finals. You help preserve the heritage and pride of ownership of ranching. And more importantly, you are an instrumental part of the education received by young adults that have dedicated their lives to the sport of rodeo.

Thank You Gentlemen.

Click the following link for more Ranch Rodeo articles here on SpiritualHorseman.com


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