Take Off Your Shoes

Recently, I’ve been reading a book that begins with a mantra – Take off your shoes. The message is to shed those things in life that you don’t REALLY need. Some things get in the way of us truly experiencing the wonder of our creation.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m ready to take off my shoes. And there’s nothing wonderous about the ones I’m about to take off either.

Logo from the Twisted X WebsiteTwisted X Boots is a sponsor of our Ranch Rodeo Finals so it pains me to say that this is the worst pair of boots I’ve ever put on my feet.

They were very comfortable… until the heel fell off… OF BOTH BOOTS!

They looked great… until a hole wore through the sole and leather was flappin’ out the right, and left side of the boot.

Let’s just say that all of this happened within 3 months. Actually, the heels fell off much sooner than that.

Well, I was going to start a rating system on here and review some stuff every week or so. However, I think I’ll create that rating system later. These wouldn’t even start to earn half a star.

Who are these for?
Well… Hmmm.
If you have a party to decorate for and you need a pair of boots on top of every table. Then these might work.


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