Priority Thursday

When he stood up Thursday morning and shook off the dust, the world was his. He knew it was time to eat, then maybe get caught up and probably some work that afternoon. His name is Shazam. He’s 2 years old.

Well, Thursday turned out a little different for Shazam than he had planned. First a road trip. South-bound to the ranch near Beeville. Once we arrived, we was unloaded and tied next to sixteen other horse-colts. Some were letting the world know they were still stallions, but most of them stood quietly.

And one at a time, they were led to the Vet, given anesthesia, washed up… and made geldings.

When these young horses are laid down, their heads are covered with a saddle blanket. It would be very similar to a blindfold for you. This way, when they wake up, they are not startled by something and can simply get up at their own pace.

But, when they do wake up, they have a whole new outlook on life. Not only has reproduction moved from the top of their list… It’s GONE. It’s no longer on their list. Their whole world has changed.

And so it did for Shazam. Only time will tell what his priorities truly are now, but one thing is for sure, they’re different than they were.

Now, some of you aren’t male to begin with. And let’s all hope and pray that none of you who are male will ever be led to a Doc who’s going to use an emasculator on you. 😉 But, our priorities can definitely get out of touch.

We walk around with ear buds in our heads listening to who-knows-what. We hang that blue-tooth gadget on our ears (you know the one… you and I both used to think that only a retard would wear one of those… yea, that’s the one) If we don’t have a blue-tooth on we have that half tilt neck position because we are probably holding the phone and talking to a friend, family, nemesis, who knows, who cares. The point is this:

Don’t require a life changing event in order to get your priorities in order.

Sunday’s gospel from John:10 stated

Jesus said:
“My sheep hear my voice;
I know them, and they follow me…”

Take some time for yourself. Just You and Him. Everyday. And listen. What’s priority in your life right now? What should be?


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