The Way

Update: This is the first in a three-part series composed of The Way, The Truth, And The Life.

A slight breeze blows and I pay no attention
And wander into the eye
Destruction swallows my every intention
As my plans disappear t’ward the sky

Disarray lingers all on her own
Waiting to see what is next
Who will he lean on, where will he turn
Or will he just kneel, truly vexed?

Are these but hurdles
Or, road signs for me?
See, I won’t know while I’m here.

Should I bust through them
Or, drive well around
Or, let go and let Jesus steer?

They’re all the same, these paths that I try
And I don’t know which way is the Truth.
But I’m certain today that it does matter not
if He steers, I go ’round, or go through.


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