Back it up…

Today’s Reading celebrates the Ascension of the Lord. And when this day comes each year for some reason I’m not drawn to the awe of Christ’s rise from this world, nor His triumph over death. What gets me is the human-ness of it all.

Jesus was ( and is ) the most famous teacher of all time. He cured the sick, made the blind to see, performed numerous other miracles, was crucified by the very people he was compelled to love and even defeated death itself. And when it was all said and done…

He just wanted to go home.

Sometimes you just need to pump the breaks. Back it up a bit…And get regrouped in order to make a difference. Christ’s ascension was not an abandonment, but an accomplishment. His disciples were ready. And His purpose fulfilled.

Our lives are consumed by relationships, goals, events, work and the list goes on and on. We have the fortitude to do what it takes to reach the end. The accomplishment. You do. I promise. More importantly, Christ promises. (Psalm 27:1 – Psalm 50:15 – Romans 8:28 – Romans 8:31)

BUT, every now and then, return home. Only you know where home is. It may be a place. It may be a state of mind. It may be a memory. It may be a person. It may be any place in rugged South Texas where you can see no fences, hear no man and know only that He is with you.

Wherever you are, my friends, be at peace.


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