Open Hearts Change Lives

Her name is Meagan Baskett.

She is the second from the left, between Mr. Lee Burton and Mrs. Alicia Burton. And yes, that’s my lovely Tonni on the right.

Meagan is staying here for the summer learning the horse. (Actually, I’d say she is learning everything horses)This picture was taken down on the King Ranch where Lee manages the Laureles Division. We made a quick trip down there to pick up a mare from Lee and Alicia for Meagan to try.

The mare’s name is Mae. She is a daughter of the first NRHA $6 Million Dollar Sire, Top Sail Whiz and a fantastic little reiner.

We’ve had several people suggest that we’re changing Meagan’s life forever… But, here’s the deal…

She’s changing it.

Yes, we opened our home, but she quickly provided as much value to us as we are providing for her. She knows what hard work is. She knows what responsibility is. Real responsibility. If chores don’t get done here. (like feeding or watering) Things die. That’s responsibility.

And work… Well, just being outside in South Texas at the end of June is work. 😉 But, cleaning stalls, riding twice a day, saddling and unsaddling, rinsing horses and warming up horses – every day. (except Sunday) That’s work. Real work.

Proverbs 12:14
From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him.

Meagan has a wise soul. A deeper understanding of things than most sixteen-year-old’s that I’ve come into contact with. Whether it comes from her spirituality, her trials thus far in life, her education, or whatever else is of no consequence. What matters is that she understands the verse above.

And we hope by the time she shows in July, she understands it even better.

I was was recently contacted through Spiritual Horseman (thanks for reading Sara) by Sara Wilson from The cause she is supporting is a noble one. And a rare one, I might add.

Please visit the web site to understand more about what they are doing. I know that many of you are not in the area that can actually host an inner city child. The area is in the Northeast. (But, hey, we need those yankees to learn about country living, too 😉 ) So listen up *** You can donate***. And they have a generous donor that is currently matching your donation dollar for dollar.

I know there will be long term benefit for Meagan from her summer efforts – whether she pursues the horse-life further, or not.

Give a child a shot of fresh air and you never know what might happen…


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