Above, is the front (left) and inside (right) of a card I recently received from a very dear friend of mine for being in his wedding. The card was accompanied by a fifth of Crown Royal. ( I’m sure some of you don’t approve so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not looking for approval. ) I’ll include the text below since I couldn’t post the inside large enough to be legible:

James O,

I wanted to write something really profound, but that’s too cliche, so I’ll tell the truth. We have been best friends for 27 years and I wouldn’t trade a second of it. I’m proud to call you “compadre” and am inspired by your life every day. I wanted to buy you a nice bottle of Scotch, but I knew you would drink it all before I got any. I bought cheap bourbon instead… Maybe there’ll be some left when I get there. I want a drink of this whiskey.


Damn Walker, I’m not real sure how to respond to that. But on the way home from that wedding, I got to thinking back a bit. And this is how I decided to respond…

Sometimes in life, we’re blessed with brothers
who aren’t our mother’s son.
They’re always there for every battle.
The ones we’ve lost, and won.

So I’m thankful to have found the man
from Proverbs 18:24.
‘Cause we’ve had good times and we’ve had bad.
And I know we’ll have plenty more.

Summer mornings were a boot race
as we fought to get outside.
Pulling up 13MWZ’s
and beggin’ his Dad to ride.
We didn’t know what the hell we were doing.
Just being our father’s sons.
But at the time we thought the world was ours,
Just two boys on the run.

Our adventures took us from the river bottom
to the corner just outside town.
We’d catch ’em in the morning
and rope till the sun went down.
Come Friday afternoon we were headed out again
Roping wherever we could
Only the girls could slow us down
Prolly more than they should

These days our antics are much fewer
and farther in between
But we do twist off every now and then,
hoping to not get seen.
Actually, it’s all pretty much G-rated.
Just trying to make a living now.
Focusing on the family,
And starting to settle down.

Now, one day soon… Prolly sooner than we think
we’ll be talking about these days.
Sitting on the back porch rocking
and lying about our old ways.
To some, it’ll be pretty damn funny
To others, just disturbin’
But you can bet your ass on one thing,
We’ll be having us some of that bourbon.


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