Don’t Eat My Fries

Photo courtesy of ProProfs.comFinally, the seating arrangement has been settled after what seemed like the Middle East Peace Talks. Everyone is in the car and they’re headed out for a summer treat.


The youngest peers out the backseat window and is freakin’ pumped when he sees those Golden Arches.

They bust out of the car like confetti and fall into the fast food chain like they’re going to rob the place.

The weary, somehow still elated, chauffeur has his hands full. However, his time with these young ones is priceless. They all get just what they want and sit down. Soon thereafter the food arrives.

“I’m not a big fan of McDonalds, but I do believe they do one thing right. French Fries,” the driver was heard saying later during the retelling of this story.

So imagine his surprise when he reached for a fry and was met with a quick slap from a little hand followed by an immediate, “Don’t eat my fries.”

The thoughts came free-flowing…

“His fries?!?! Who ordered? Who paid? How did he even get here? His fries?!?!”

So covetous we become. And for what? What have we truly earned? So often we get caught up with what’s our, theirs, his, hers, mine…

And sometimes we reach out to slap the hand that put them there in the first place.

Understand that it all belongs to Him and it becomes so much easier to stay humble throughout the “blessings” and also to find joy throughout the “trials”.

They aren’t our fries to begin with. Life is just life. Sometimes there are fries and sometimes there aren’t.

Do you share your fries?

This message was delivered by Reverend Jim Price during the July 4, 2010 service at Cross Church in Seguin, TX. Such simple and applicable messages are rare. I felt compelled to share this one with you.

Here is another re-telling of a fantastic message courtesy of Steve Friskup:
You can shove a horse to water…


2 thoughts on “Don’t Eat My Fries

  1. James, Steve Koehler called and told me to look at your website. I’m glad he called. Thank you for capturing Captain Stoney Portis’ heart the way you did in the article. God has given you a beautiful discernment for capturing spiritual truth. I’ll be a reader of Spiritual Horseman from now on. God Bless you today and always, Pastor Jim

    1. Pastor Jim, Thanks so much for visiting the site. Your admiration truly is a blessing and keeps me encouraged to keep writing. However, it’s messages like “In God We Still Trust” delivered by people like you that really make a difference. Members of Cross Church are blessed indeed – James

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