Thursday Asking and the Seeking

It’s Spring Break, 1997 – South Padre Island, TX. The hotel pool was packed. PACKED. The evening was starting to take over the day and every balcony looked over the pool and straight at the beautiful South Texas sunset.

A light flickered.

On. Off. On. Off. Then, quicker. And quicker.

First, it just caught the glance of the semi-interested pool dwellers.

But, once it was apparent that the brief illumination was revealing the dancing bare ass of a modesty-challenged spring-breaker, an uproar ensued.


( I am not familiar with the view from the pool, but the details regarding what happened within the room are, um… almost like I was there. 😉 )

The knocks were loud, obviously intended to intimidate. The door was opened and there they stood, five security personnel. Sure, looking back they were part-time help hired for the summer season. But, at the time, they made the vacation suddenly look pretty bleak.

Then, the leader spoke.

“Who was do-een de moon-een!?!”

“Wait… what?” The strongly accented demand was met with confusion. The group inside understood him. They just took a second to realize he was summing up the entire balcony-flash-dance-sequence with one word – mooning.

“Who was do-een de moon-een!?” came the strong request again.

Well, the currently toweled “mooner”, being delicately held up by the wall of the fine establishment the group was currently paying to reside, gingerly raised one arm and said, “Dat wuz me?”

That question mark is not a typo. The statement that was made by the young man was definitely posed as a question.

Then came the next demand. It was just as strong as the first, but the leader’s supporting cast were beginning to lose their poker faces. Instead, their stern demeanor was falling prey to the entertainment found inside the hotel room.

“Who was do-een de flicker-een?!”

Without hesitation, the “mooner” replied, “That was me too.”

A snicker immediately came from behind the lead security guard. His personnel were faltering.

Now, the light switch was a good thirty feet from the balcony. And, if you had seen the live entertainment that had occurred on that balcony, you’d have known that, even if it were close enough, there was no way that guy was operating the light switch.

Forcing himself into what he hoped was still an imposing attitude, the security had to make sure…

“Chu were do-een de flicker-een and de moon-een?!”

Confidently now came the reply, “Yes.”

Well, all went well. The entire security entourage broke down into laughter and delivered an almost friendly warning.

What in the world does that have to do with Asking and Seeking.

Well, I’ve been frantically looking for some roping calves. The rain has blessed most of the cattle ranchers down here in South Texas and it’s becoming more and more rare to find light cattle (roping size) at the different livestock commissions.

I’ve got roping horses to train and that’s hard to do without something to rope. So, I ask. I seek. Phone call after phone call was placed until I finally let my Dad, Morgan, in on the fact that I couldn’t locate any roping cattle.

Mathew 7:7-8
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

As soon as my father heard the situation, he provided a solution.

“I just got some Holstein crosses in to work the young horses. And Pop (what my Dad calls J.M.) has got some calves on those Longhorn-Corriente roping cattle. Mick and Dick will use the steers when they get older, but you can take some of the larger heifer calves and use those for a while,” he said.

And it was done.

The ranch raises it’s own roping steers. And so Mick, Dick, Bo and myself got horseback and headed into the huisache to pen that herd.

And once we got them to the arena, we pushed them into the back pens so we could shape them up.

Bo volunteered to swing the cut gate and was sorting out the cows and smaller calves in no time.
(Horns are an important characteristic for your roping steers. Pretty easy to see that these are raising the roping steers.)

After they were sorted out, we sent them to the trailer. All told, with Mick and Dick horseback with me, Bo sorting cattle and Morgan on the trailer, it wasn’t even an hour until I had a nice small herd of roping calves. Click here if you want to know more about the event of tie-down roping.

We have to be willing to ask Him whom we KNOW can help us.

How many times have you looked and looked, asked and asked, and even brought yourself into despair before asking God.

Asking God what?

Who cares!?!?!? Anything. Nothing is too small, or too grand for Him.

Abide in Him. If His words abide in you, ASK! (John 15:7)

I went around and around before I finally let my Dad in on my problem. Spiritually, I do the same thing. Even when he let me know that they had some cattle I could use, I was timid in my asking. Like the “mooner” I was unsure of what’s next.

But, only His way is next. So, take comfort. And when it feels like God Almighty is peering into your very soul and billows the question, “Who’s Asking!?!?!”

You can confidently say, “That was me.”

So, “Chu do-een de ask-een and de seek-een?”

Never ending, the times assistance is needed.
Labyrinths, the common way out.
Winding, the path with vision impeded
By egos tripping on our pride that’s so stout.

The Way is not easy. Make no mistake.
But, the mind will soon rest at ease.
If your plans are turned lose and in His you partake,
You’ll find asking and seeking bring peace.

So, bow your head, take a knee, or two
And pray to Him for your needs.
If you happen to hear, “Who the heck are you?”
You can confidently say, “It is me.”

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