The very act
is contradiction.
One thinks
that’s where it ends.
But with many things,
like addiction,
when one stops,
the work begins.

So, with head down
and ears wide open,
listen for the word.
Then act not on
what you’re hoping
But, on what
you’ve heard.

The American Quarter Horse that becomes a reining horse ( a.k.a. reiner) should be an inspiration for us all.

The reiner shown above, and again in the video below is named Einsteins Revolution. His nickname is Junior. (His dad’s name is Einstein.) He’s being ridden by Ruben Vandorp. And he knows how to stop.

He gets in what’s called his frame. Getting into a frame, or “framing up”, is alot of work for a horse. Imagine Junior in a box. As he runs, he keeps his stride within that box. To do so, he raises his rib cage and shoulders, lowers his head, and shortens his stride. Then… he listens.

His next step is the only one he is absolutely certain of. Ruben could ask him to go left, right, or come to a stop. He could change leads, speed up, or slow down.

Junior is in a perpetual state of readiness. His cue could be a shift in Ruben’s body position, or a different amount of pressure from one of Ruben’s legs, or both of Ruben’s legs. It could be a draw from the reins, or a different amount of pressure on his neck from the reins. And, every now and then, he gets to hear the word that moves his very soul.


You won’t hear it. The judge probably won’t hear it. But Junior will hear it. Because Junior is listening. And when he hears Ruben’s word, he commits 150%.

Only then does the real work start. Junior pushes hard with both back feet. At the same time he is pulling with both front feet. It’s not easy. It’s not even very natural. But it’s fulfilling. And it’s what Ruben asked.

And when he’s done, you can hear the crowd swell. They see Junior’s willingness. They see he’s enjoying his job. And they know that he knows that he’s good at it.

There is no pride in Junior. Confidence. But, no pride.
There is no weakness in Junior. Humility. But, no weakness.

Then, behind that confidence and humility, he throws his effort.
Success is the only possible result.

Can we submit entirely to the one who is guiding us?

Proverbs 16:9

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.

Can we offer confidence without pride. Can we offer humility?

Find a quiet place. Get in your frame. And Listen.
Need to stop being such a pessimist?
Need to stop smoking?
Or drinking?
Need to stop not-talking to a family member?
Need to stop gossiping?
Need to stop running your body ragged?

This list could go on forever. The point is, the hard part isn’t stopping. Digging in with both feet isn’t the hard part. Pulling your dragging rear along with you is the hard part. 😉

What’s harder than that? It seems the hardest part is not knowing God’s plans, or not understanding them. But it’s not our job to know. Our success doesn’t come from knowing. Our success comes from “framing up”, listening and committing 110% as soon as we hear His Word.

Are you ready?
Are you listening?

2 Chronicles 15:7

Be strong. therefore, and let not your hands be weak and slack, for your work shall be rewarded.

1 Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.


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