Laying it on the Line


Hebrews 11:1
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Proverbs 22:29
“Do you see a person skilled in their work? They will stand before kings;”

Confidence is the pearl only work reveals.
But, our successes are so very often shared.
Achievement’s the prize only the fighter feels.
The heart knows that you’re the one who dared.

She dared to step into a life she’s never known.
And dared to walk right past all her fears.
Everyone can see how much she’s grown.
But they never saw the sweat nor the tears.

They’ll praise her natural talent and her sweet horse, Mae.
But they never saw her riding in the rain.
They’ll wonder if this passion’s here to stay.
They wouldn’t if they’d seen her ride through the pain.

The day arrived despite her want for time.
Splint boots, pads and cinching up the girth.
Then she laid it all out on the line.
And found the depth of her summer’s worth.

Meagan Baskett is the daughter of Laure Neilly and Stephen Mulder. She has spent the last two months with us learning everything horses. Her progress and work ethic are impressive, but her faith and willingness to talk about her spirituality are most admirable.

It has truly been a pleasure to have her around and we’re so proud of what she’s accomplished. ( I thought young people had forgotten how to work. There’s hope after all 😉 )

Thanks again to Jim and Felicia Mulder, her Grandparents, for their support and to them and Tammy and Kevin for coming to her show.


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3 thoughts on “Laying it on the Line

  1. Thank you James, what a beautiful reflection of Meagan! You and Tonni have my heart! What you have done for Meagan is beyond anything I hoped for, or imagined. She is smart, talented and strong-willed and you harnessed all of these wonderful traits and helped her realize her passion. I am so proud of all of you and so thankful that God chose you to pour out his blessings on her….and when I count my blessings, you both are at the top!
    Love, Felicia

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