Get busy Living, Or get busy Dieing

The circle is the most common path
to God that we all take.
Often wondering about God’s wrath
instead of what’s at stake.

Everyone you see today
has a heart that’s on the line.
The war is now, and not far away,
It’s amongst us, you and I.

Distracted by the fog are we
of things that matter not.
“What’s she doing?” Or, maybe “He
has something I should’ve got.”

To remember why Christ died
would put us on bended knee all day.
The path would then be straight and wide
And lit to show us The Way.

But we don’t want to know The Way.
‘Cause that means someone else is in charge.
We work and schedule ’till there’s no more day.
And blame it on the want to live large.

Work and more makes us all the same.
Saying how hard we’re trying.
But, only two real choices remain.
Get busy living, or get busy dieing.


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