Labor Day: Fun or Focus?

There comes a time in life when peace and quiet bring no peace and quiet. Rest exhausts and vacation offers respite only for those who don’t actually need it. We find ourselves in the struggle. Life’s constant back-and-forth-and-up-and-down has been called many things like The Struggle, The Grind, A Bitch and some say it’s too short and some think it’s too long. Conversations about life eerily mirror those about Afghanistan, Iraq or Insert-the-battleground-country-here conflict.


Because we’re in the middle of a very real war. A storm of good and evil with our hearts and souls as the battleground and our lives are the prize. How do we cope? Forget that, how do we WIN?

Half of the close friends I contacted over Labor Day were playing golf. The other half were roping. The odd part is that it’s the same people switching back and forth between sports. Especially the good ones. The ones that regularly win… regularly win in both sports.

Is Tiger Woods really that much better than other golfers? Is Justin Maass really that much better than other ropers?

It’s a head game. Every roping run is a storm. Every round of golf is a storm. It’s a constant storm. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of variables to consider while standing in the storm.

If you focus on the storm, you’re dead. Period.

The winners seek solitude in the storm. Some are not at peace unless they are in the storm. It becomes part of them. They see what’s important. Focused intently upon the task at hand. The storm just disappears around them.

Their faces show no struggle. Their faces show no concern. Despite the bunkers, the water hazards, the rough, the wind, Or the barrier, the horse’s work, the calve’s speed, or path, whether or not he kicks, etc.

Their faces show only focus.

That’s why they enjoy the storm. That’s why they win.

If we could apply this same mentality to our daily living, how much more of a warrior for Christ would we be?

The first step is to acknowledge the war. Many, MANY people rope for fun. Probably even more folks golf for fun. They go through the motions and, yes they enjoy themselves. And then it’s over. If they were to acknowledge the true situation of each run, or each round, their true abilities would be shown. They’d be driven to forget the storm and focus on their task. And they’d improve. And they’d win.

Don’t live for fun.

Sometimes peace and quiet bring no peace nor quiet.
Sometimes inspiration comes not from prayer, but riot.

But riot without mission quickly morphs The Teachers form
Only purity and humbleness bring focus in the storm

Raise the gauntlet high when you rise and greet each day.
“Oh, shit they’re up again, ” is what you should hear the devil say.



3 thoughts on “Labor Day: Fun or Focus?

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