Stepping Up

1 John 3:18

Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.

OK. This… is bullshit. Sorry for the profanity, but I hope this gets your blood pumping enough to help out the folks who took action.

Here’s the gist:

25 horses were borderline starved to death in Wylie, Texas by Steven and Kathy Combest.

Here are the Details if you’re interested.

Of the 25 horses, Collin County Animal Services seized five stallions, 16 broodmares, and several two-year-olds. I usually try to keep my mouth shut during many of these seizures due to the fact that many horse people do not understand what it takes to be a horse producer and shouldn’t be raising horses in the first place. Horse slaughter just gives them an outlet for the junk they are producing, but without it, most of the poor crow-bait son of a guns just die of neglect. It’s a very touchy subject and most people who are fully behind one side or the other are usually uneducated in regards to the side they are opposing.

In other words, this isn’t about the politics of horse slaughter.

Based upon the information available, these people knew better. Among the horses seized are offspring by Radical Rodder, Zippos Old Gold and Mr. Chocolate Zipster. If you follow the quarter horse world at all, even if you’re not a Western Pleasure person, you’ve heard of these bloodlines.

However, this is not about bashing Steven and Kathy Combest either, although I am glad that their names were released. And we’ve already determined that this isn’t about horse slaughter.

So, what’s this about?

It’s about the horses. Diane Chilton-Harper of Pilot Point, Texas spearheaded relief efforts. If the horses body condition is what you see above, you can only imagine how bad their feet situation was. Chilton-Harper involved a talented farrier early on and has also enlisted the assistance of vets to x-ray the worst feet to ensure they are good for adoption.

When things like this happen, there is always enraged BS being commented here or there, theories on why it happened, and folks stating that “if you need anything, let me know”.

Well, Diane stepped up to the plate and made some things happen. And the efforts she put in place could really use some actual action behind those “if you need anything” comments.

I’m letting you know. She needs some help offsetting costs of farrier and vets. No, she did not ask me to do this. So, please take two seconds and head over to Paypal and send a hundred-spot their way. OK, send a couple of bucks. 😉

Seriously, every dollar helps. Here’s the 1-2-3:

  1. Go to the Paypal ‘Send-Money’ area.
  2. In the To (Email address) field enter:
  3. Put your Paypal email address in the From field and hit continue.

That’s it. Paypal will safely and securely walk you through the rest. If you don’t have an account with Paypal, give Scott a call at (940) 365-3129. They have set something up to be able to accept money strictly for this rescue effort.

If you simply can’t send any money, we totally understand. But, I know we all try so hard to do what’s right in the face of all of the deceitful, sinister idiocy that goes on these days…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some help once in a while?


If you donate, leave a comment. I’m going to try and figure out something to do for everyone that helps out.


6 thoughts on “Stepping Up

  1. I’ve been involved off and on in the rail horse world for almost 40 years and I DO remember these folks, not personally just from being around the WP world . I have been away from that industry a few years again , and I cannot imagine what happened. Last I knew they were regular , normal ,professional , capable horsepeople. Something must have really gone off the rails for something like this to have happened.. you just never know.

    1. @Dutchess – Sorry for the delayed response. Hopefully, it’s just a natural progression of folks working hard to exceed expectations to win. If so, I think they will get to the point where the next natural step is to return to some fundamentals. Then, we’ll see horses winning that are more like they were back in the 80’s.

      Or, maybe they’ll be judged by how long they can make tracks with their noses 😉 Who knows, but let’s hope it’s the former.

      Thanks for reading – James

  2. i saw these horses a few years ago when looking to buy a WP prospect….they were not that bad yet but i could see where they where headed…i told my trainer who knew a relative of these people…the relative had already been telling them to take better care of their horses….too bad it had to go this far….beside the combests are christians and do need our prayers rather than condemnation.

    1. @esbee – The fact that the Combests are Christians has nothing at all to do with how they care for their animals. I don’t know them, and have no idea what they are, or were, going through and will certainly offer my prayers for their perseverance and well being. BUT, good people destroy horses everyday and the fact that they are good people should not excuse them from the destruction. Sometimes the best help folks can get is a good dose of honesty… “Maybe it’s time to get rid of some of these horses.”

      P.S. This piece was in NO FORM OR FASHION intended to belittle the Combests. The point was to belittle their care of these horses and that doesn’t appear to be very disputable. Also, thanks for the comment and cool Web site, Susan 😉

      1. i totally agree with your answer. I was just giving some info that might be helpful to those reading this story. The day i visited I wanted to report the condition of the horses to the authorities but they were just a little above the point where authorities are able to do something (underweight but not life threatening) ….that is when I told my trainer who knew more of the situation than I did. Mr. Combest wanted to sell them but was asking prices similar to horses from top notch stables and farms with the million dollar studs, fancy barns and covered round pens. And they were not top notch condition.

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