Marching Through the Darkness

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The steady ticking walks us down the road we’ll never see
and it’s cadence, unrelenting, builds a sense of urgency.

Looking back can help us find the trail but does no good.
For the reason we will succeed or not hangs upon the wood.

If one can lay His life before the world and feel no shame,
can we not take a step to Him and also feel the same?

Be proud then when the morning finds you standing up again.
Step unto the cadence that He’s sounding deep within.

Faint it may but whisper to rebellious souls like mine.
But guaranteed a deafening roar your faithfulness will find.

Only keep on stepping through the darkness very real.
Learning subtle cues and whispers from what the spirit feels.

When you’ve found the cadence and the front lines can be felt.
Fix your eyes upon the prize and prepare for what you’re dealt.

Confidently stride to join Christ’s Mighty Four.
Choose to wage the battle. Persevere to win the War.



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