Forget the Reason for the Season

Does a horseman need to remember the horse?
Or the golfer the course?

Is the soldier’s weapon soon forgotten.
Or the chef’s ingredients rotten?

Does the fisherman have to remember the boat?
Or the musician the note?

So Christian should not remember Christ,
but resemble His great cause.
And Emmanuel shall inspire Life and
we can “remember” Santa Clause.

“Remember the Reason for the Season.”

We’ve all heard it a gazillion times. Well, I’m sick of it. We remember milk, or eggs, or some other random grocery item that didn’t make the list. We remember who the kicker was for so-and-so’s fantasy football team. We remember our third girl-friend in grade-school… you know, the one that moved to… wait. Where did she move to?

You get the point. The things we “have to remember” are those things that aren’t a part of us. They are the frivolous, the extracurricular, and the distracting.

Our Savior deserves better.

Certainly better from me. And better from you, too.

We all have things in our lives that make us – us. Kids? Careers? Spouses? Girlfriend/Boyfriend? etc.

These things define us as they determine what decisions we make in life. Let’s try and elevate Christ to such a position that our daily decisions are based upon that relationship.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy a wonderful blessing, fabulous meal, generous family… and then CRAP almost forgot the presents.

And don’t forget Santa Clause 😉




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