Cooking up dreams

A very close friend posed a question to me.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

It was unexpected, but seemingly simple. However, as my spirit ran forth to answer what my mind would not commit to, my mouth cut in sputtering nonsensical bullsh!t that I’m already doing.

I’ve been wondering ever since then why this question caught me so off guard and it’s a good thing I’m a border-line schizo 😉 so that I can lay it down and refute my initial thought. Here goes:

Initial Thought – I’m 32. So, in my head I’m already “grown up”. I am already doing what I want to do when I grow up.

Actually, when I was 18 I thought the same thing. And, all through the 20-somethings I felt the same way – grown a$$ man I am. Now, same thing.

Well, guess what? There are 33-year-olds who think that. And those who are 40, and 60 and 70. Those who make it to 90 think the 75 year olds are pups. I mean really, think about those who are 15 years your minor. Yep… idiots. Every one of them. 😉 They don’t have a clue yet.

In other words, plan like you’ll live to be 437 years old. And then pretend you’re 436. We need to live more and plan less.

Everyone tries to live like they are grown up and acts like one day they’ll be living the dream. Instead, live the dream and act like one day you’ll be grown up.

I guess it all really depends upon what the dream is.

Whispers are tornados.
Silence towers all around.
A glance can land you in Barbados
or a hotel way down town.

Hurricanes of dollar bills
Stampeding herds of skin
Fame dripping from the window sills
Lips breathing shots of gin

Temptation promptly catered
for every soul on earth.
Are we the patron or the waiter
in this game of proving worth?

Am I the patron? The waiter? What am I? And what do I want to do when I grow up?

It is important not to be serving up temptation. Most of the time we don’t even know it’s happening. But, it’s just as important not to be consuming it as well. Sometimes we’re doing this just as clueless as we are serving. So, is there another option? Yep. Be the restaurant owner.

But, that wasn’t a choice…

The world is full of opportunities that you don’t think are choices. Live the dream. The world is your kitchen. What are you going to make?



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