About James O’Brien

James O'BrienWelcome to SpiritualHorseman – a Blog about Real Life Spirituality. Inspiration drawn from country living that applies to all walks of life.

My name is James O’Brien and I make my living in the horse business. My days are split between operating RanchForeman.com and training horses.

Life. Horses.

I live just south of San Antonio, Texas. My heart, however, dwells in a place I like to call Quincy. Quincy is the source for both the horses and the inspiration, and the ranch there has been operating since the 1830’s. The O’Brien Ranch raises performance quarter horses for sale, for working on the ranch and for showing/rodeoing. After completing my B.S. in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, I returned to South Texas to raise and train the horses I loved for so long. Riding with professionals such as Steve Metcalf, Rusty Carroll, Phil Lyne, Nathan Piper, Mike Carter and so many more gave me the tools to make our horses better. I continue to study and work to improve both my horse business and the horse industry as a whole.

Work. Horses.

RanchForeman.com is the culmination of my formal education and my efforts to improve the horse industry. The goal is to reinforce the integrity and profitability of every horse business through innovation. Equine professionals can create new revenue streams by embracing technology. RanchForeman provides the resources and services to make that happen.

Other Stuff

AQHBA introduced me to the political world when I became a director in 2007. It’s a great organization in San Antonio that hosts some of the biggest horse show circuits in Texas. Check out the site at www.AQHBA.com.

Ranch Rodeo has gotten crazy popular lately and I’m proud to be a part of the group in South Texas that’s making it happen. RanchForeman did the website and you should definitely check it out at www.STRRF.com. Our finals are in San Antonio and it’s a fast paced show with old school events.

I try to attend the early mass daily when my schedule allows and I serve on the Pastoral Council for St. Mary’s. Our priest, Fr. Ed, makes it into many of the posts on this site. He’s a very kind man. He’s wise and always on the ready with his youthful sense of humor. And best of all, he’s my friend. Get to know a priest. Even if you are not Catholic, and no I’m not trying to convert anyone, just do it. They are a very unique and admirable type of individual. You’ll enjoy it.

I’m Everywhere

Performance Ranch Horses
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If you have site suggestions, questions or comments. Feel free to shoot me an email: jamesobrien@ranchforeman.com


6 thoughts on “About James O’Brien

  1. Hi James,

    I just stumbled upon your impressive website! I enjoyed browsing through it. I especially enjoyed the Comedy Relief Thursday, Mick and Dick are so funny! I have many many fond memories of them just goofing around. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Lisa (Belew) Nicholson

    1. James

      After all this time I have just found your website very impressive. I have been around your family since the middle 70s when I was a young game warden in Refugio County. It’s seems like it gets better and better each time I come visit at the ranch. Get to hear the same ole story about me and the twins. My last horse came from the O’Brien ranch and has been one of the greatest roping horses I have ever owned. Pepper has won me a lot of money in the past 6 years and at the age of 15 still going strong. Look forward to bringing another one home the near future.
      Happy New Year and God Bless the O’Brien family
      Steve Backor

  2. James,

    Thank you for a year of inspiration! I love ya brother!

    I wish for you and your family a properous and blessed new year.


  3. James, I stumbled on Spiritual Horseman a good while back.I remembered your name.You don’t actually know me .I was one of those parents in TYRA that kind a sit back and watched the kids from afar. Even then I knew you were different in a good way.I remember watching out the motel window .The kids were being NORMAL kids at the pool.I watched you get up, so many times to give the girls your chair. Now, these were all good kids, but not one seemed to have been taught this courtesy.I am so pleased to know you turned out to be that exceptional young man,I thought you would be.I so enjoy Spiritual Horseman and can so relate.We love GOD and horses too….Sue Caldwell.

    1. Dearest Sue, Thank you very much for your kind words. I feel like I do know you since the TYRA family is such a tight knit group. Comments are always a pleasure to get here on SpiritualHorseman, but this one holds a special place in my heart. I hope your summer is going well.

      PS. This was a great reminder… Someone is always watching 😉

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